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Mexico’s Housing

Dear First Graders,

Wow!  Are you ever smart!  Today, I have some pictures about different houses in Mexico.  When you travel around Mexico, you will see many different kinds of houses.  It’s very interesting.  In some of older cities, the houses are very near the street.  They don’t have much of a front or back yard.  That’s very different than our houses in the Untied States.

Some of these houses even have indoor gardens.

A lot of these houses also have roofs made of tile or tejas.

In modern cities, like Mexico City, people live in apartments, condos and houses like we do.  The houses even have a small front yard.  Here are some pictures I took when I was visiting.

In some places way out in the country, houses are made from adobe.  I have  a question for you now.  What exactly is adobe?  Would you believe that people have been using adobe to build houses for over 1000 years?

Adobe keeps houses warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Would you like to live in an adobe house?

Well, that’s all for now.  Let me know what you find out about adobe.  I think you’ll be surprised.